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Opening 17.06.2011 8pm

With performances by:   Kutomo, Andrew Kemp with Iris

Brzeska 7 Warsawa



Including artists Alex Cuffe (AUS), Andre Liew (AUS), Andrew Kemp (CAN), Boaz Lehahn (Israel/Germany), Dominik Noé (Germany), Dylan Quirk (AUS), Erin McBean (AUS), Jessica Crowe (AUS), Leo Zylberberg (AUS/Germany), Lewis Gallagher (AUS), Marian Tubbs (AUS), Matthew Gabriel (AUS), Matthew R Bohan (USA), Melissa Deerson (AUS) Robyn Butcher (AUS) and Veli-Matti Ikävalko (FIN).


Understanding Infinity is a travelling group exhibition not interested in reaching any final point; rather, it is engaged with the move toward.

What causes us to act? The motivation in going to work, in moving from A to B, is evident. The answer is easy; it is completion, it is arrival, it is getting paid.  But if point B stopped existing, or was just so unfathomably far away, would we still get into our cars and drive? Would there be any point?

The exhibition explores what lies beyond an obligation to act. The works disregard pre-meditated 'outcomes, instead proliferating meanings that come from the process of transformation itself. It is engaged with an analysis; the search within existing notions or perceptions of 'how it is' for possibilities of transcendence.

Acting as a document of a contemporary idealism, Understanding Infinity resonates the potential for freedom in contemporary cultures.

The show was exhibited at Serial Space, Sydney, Australia in March 2011, and is to be exhibited in Berlin later in the year.


Artists Bios

Alex Cuffe

Alex Cuffe is a Brisbane artist and musician. His work incorporates methodologies normally associated with environmental sustainability and scientific experimentation transposed into his art-making process. An urban gleaner, he is engaged with exploring the physicality of discarded materials by subjecting them to a process of transformation. Natural phenomena such as plant matter are placed in relation to new media technologies, guitars are made from discarded tins and wood that are then used in sound performances. In this process of renewal, materials are in a constant state of transformation, reinterpreted, reused and reworked into other works - his materials, like energy, are converted from one state to another.

Andre Liew

Andre Liew is Manager of Drawing Space, Melbourne and Technician at RMIT School of Art, Drawing Department. He has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Australia, the USA, Tibet, China, Scotland and England and recently held a residency at ECA Studio, John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago Illinois.

Andrew Kemp

Andrew Kemp is a musician based in Berlin, Germany. He has performed in various experimental music nights in Berlin as well as the Netherlands.

Boaz Lehahn

Boaz Lehahn is an artist/graphic novelist currently living and working in Berlin. He has exhibited in Israel and published a graphic novel entitled Neil presents: Ishmael, concerto of Routine. His practice accesses universal ideas of the self, identity and routine, focusing on the space found between private and public life to uncover the nothingness of the grown-up routine. Combining text and imagery, his works move from the naïve to realism to elicit a child-like emotional response from the viewer.

http://www.mynameisneil.net (under construction)



Dominik Noé

Dominik Noé is an artist and musician currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Primarily an observer, he uses music, film, and photography to document the extremely ordinary as a subtle signifier of political systems. Aesthetically drawn to desolated locations that are resisting their prescribed functions, Noé often finds himself in the outskirts of cities, buildings, and social circles.

Dylan Quirk

Dylan Quirk is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. He is co-director at First Draft Gallery in Sydney and has exhibited widely in Australia. Quirk's work taps into the enduring nature of nostalgia, bringing the past and the present together in a ritualistic act which is both childish and serious, elevating the everyday into the heroic.

Erin McBean

Erin is a documentary film-maker based in Berlin. Her work

combines text, personal artifacts and found and discarded objects, to make timecapsule installations paying tribute to failed loves, forgotten people and imagined futures.


Jessica Crowe

Jessica Crowe is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has exhibited collaboratively and independently in various commercial and Artist-run spaces in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Bendigo. Her practice involves the development of an expanding system of self-bureaucracy. In her work she utilises the tenets or structures found in bureaucratic systems and places them onto everyday actions or objects. Through the imposition of arbitrary sets of rules onto collections of objects and data she creates absurdist works that echo the individuals complicity in maintaining and proliferating arbitrary systems present in society.

Leo Zylberberg

Leo Zylberberg is an artist and sometime curator currently based in Berlin, Germany. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Australia, The Netherlands and Canada. Her work traces how spaces are interpreted, combining meta-narratives with representations of physical and imagined spaces, through works that draw from fable (story telling), cultural theory and technological progress. Her works explore the possibilities of how we can relate to spaces, form identities and derive meaning from our relationships to specific places, whether moving away from them, towards them, or when they themselves are in a kind of motion.

Lewis Gallagher

Lewis Gallagher is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions in Artist-run and commercial spaces in Melbourne and Sydney.

Marian Tubbs

Marian Tubbs Tubbs is a lecturer in Sculpture, Performance and Installation at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, a tutor for ITAS UNSW and a director of Serial Space, Sydney. Recently she has held studio residencies at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris and Artspace, Sydney. She has exhibited widely in arts-run-spaces in Australia and internationally.

Matthew Gabriel

Matthew Gabriel is a teacher and writer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He has contributed works to various online publications.

Matthew R Bohan

Matthew Bohan is an artist and illustrator currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. He has exhibited in Berlin and New York. Drawing heavily from literature, philosophy and historical accounts, Bohans practice is concerned with parallel narratives, failed attempts and insignificant histories.

Melissa Deerson

Melissa Deerson is an artist and writer working in Melbourne, Australia. Her work plays with the junctions between science and mysticism, the rational and the unconscious - the rhythms and cycles that pulse through groups of people and the natural environment over time.

Robyn Butcher

Robyn Butcher is a landscape architect and musician currently living and working in Berlin. Her work is concerned with the development of leftover spaces in urban areas. These are seen as an amalgamation of man made and environmental dynamics. This dynamic is then documented using the process of a continuously evolving narrative that incorporates the imagined into real events and actions.

Veli-Matti Ikävalko

Veli-Matti Ikävalko is a scientist, teacher, musician and artist currently living and working in Brisbane, Australia. He has played extensively in improvisational bands in Australia and Europe and individually composed a number of pieces. Recently he released Songs for the Astral Travellor on the split cassette Songs Traveller (Bedroom Suck Records) with Anonymeye.






   20 November 2010       6 p.m.


Benjamin Altermatt
curator Pablo.A Molina

20.11.2010 - 10.01.2011
ul. Brzeska 7, Warsawa

opening 20.11.2010  6 p.m.
presentation the first issue Caleuche
with performances Annia Bak & Pablo A. Molina





Barbara Benish Sky Diaries + Black Box 15.05 - 24.06.2010


( = p ) ong ( pong ) Ba fime   Felicity Mangan, Marcel Türkowsky, Francesco Cavaliere, Benjamin Laurent Aman, Benjamin Altermatt 24.04 - 15.05.2010


Małgorzata Sidor LOST IN THAT GAME and Signal Society AMALGAMAT 27.02-17.03.2010

 MICHAEL MICALI MMX 19.12.2009 - 7.02.2010

H.Barker EUROPEANS Szymor/Juszczkiewicz 17.12.2009

SIGNAL SOCIETY GROUP 30.10 - 3.11.2009


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